Monday, 28 July 2014

Storm clouds

Thunder roars

Lightning veins the sky

Eyes peer out in awe and wonder at nature’s power.

But still we dash from homes to cars, from cars to shops

Scurrying under newspaper hats to their dryness

while dancing drops rebound like ping pong ball on the sidewalk.

We are dry, we are safe.


Siren roars

Plumes streak the sky

Eyes close in fear of man’s awesome power

They dash from homes to shelters

Scurrying in shadows avoiding the snipers’ sights

while rockets hit the strip squeezing it metre by metre nearer to the sea of oblivion

They are dry but never safe.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Winds of change

Harmattan by Gavin Weston

Winds of change storm over 12 year old Haoua living in the western part of Niger making her transition from childhood to womanhood abrupt, painful and life changing. After loosing her mother to AIDS, her caring elder brother to violence, she finds herself married of by her father to a cousin as his third wife.

Weston shows the tough, yet loving existence of her youth, her mother’s love, her participation in an education programme and the normal fun things of childhood. He build the tension slowly towards the novel’s finale, interjects patches of humour and sadness, before exposing the violent underlay of society and it’s impact on this child.

ashramblings verdict 3* a fast read, disturbing themes of violence and early marriage surfacing towards the fateful end